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A virtual event produced by Make it Happen Events in Harrisburg, PA

About Our Virtual Event Planning Services

We help you with the content, planning, and execution of your online event. It’s much more than sitting down and talking into a camera! Agenda, line-by-line script, speakers, panelists, elections, auctions, entertainment, and more. We can suggest creative solutions and make all the arrangement.

Since 2001, we have been producing amazing corporate, non-profit, and community events. Now, we’re bringing our extensive experience of producing content to virtual, online events by partnering with experienced technology companies. We help you create and design your event, then work with you, or one of our technology partners, to present your event. Sometimes over Zoom or Facebook Live, and sometimes it’s a full production studio.

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What is a Virtual Event or Online Event?

A virtual event is an online gathering usually involving videos from a video conferencing platform such as WebEx, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom.

Virtual events can replace or supplement in person events. They are most often live video calls to engage attendees, but can also have pre-recorded content in a video format.

History of Virtual Events

The Teleconference virtual event

The widespread use of virtual events began in the 1990s with the early corporate use of the internet and teleconferencing as companies began to host events online.

At onetime, Kinkos Office Centers, the predecessor of FEDEX Office, offered a conference room to host events in the store that combined a video conferencing platform with an in person event schedule. The use of a computer screen and camera provided an opportunity to encourage attendees in the room to interact with remote coworkers.

Spread of Virtual Event Ideas

With the integration of computers and the internet into the workplace, the use of virtual events grew in the early 2000’s. Many event professionals attempted an online event option for live events, but this often consisted of a fixed camera with a live stream, without much thought or creative online event ideas.

Growth of Hybrid events

By the 2010’s as the technology improved and became more affordable, event planners began to see the possibilities of the virtual format, and the physical event began to be designed to accommodate a virtual setting. Event producers planned events that placed equal priorities on virtual events as in person events.

The Massive growth of Virtual events during the COVID Pandemic

2020 saw a massive boom in producing an event online, with the mandatory COVID isolation restrictions.

Not only meetings, but social events, including a virtual happy hour, favorite team building activities, playing games, and other online events to bring together a remote team.

Some virtual events included family members to help engage attendees working from home. Fun virtual event ideas were encouraged to support the mental health of remote employees.

The technology for Virtual events has existed for years, but during COVID, we all learned how to apply the technology of virtual events in our daily work and family lives.

In our business, when COVID hit the US in March 2020, we were able to work with existing clients to take their events online.

The key is to re envision the virtual event, understanding the technology. What works for in person events may not work as an online event.

We research and implement a variety of technologies, based on our client’s needs. Our success with these online events is due to research, planning, and practice. We make sure that the technology is accessible, easily understood, and does not interfere with the program.

Post Covid Virtual Events

By 2021 or 2022, the lifting of restrictions permitted the return of in person events. But the event world had changed. Organizations continue to plan hybrid events with live event and on demand content for remote employees.

Following COVID, event planners but consider how to plan events in the virtual space.

What Virtual Event Types are Available?

Virtual events can be for business like a virtual meeting, multi-day conference (including breakout sessions), virtual class to learn new skills, seminars or more events. Or, you can host a virtual social event, with a variety of virtual activities.

The Virtual Social Event

Fun virtual social event ideas include a virtual dance party, virtual scavenger hunt, all the materials for the virtual ultimate game, virtual happy hours, yoga class, virtual fitness class, virtual dance party, online casino nights, online poker games, playing a virtual game with remote teams, virtual comedy show, virtual garden party, virtual escape room, virtual magic show or other types of fun virtual party.

Virtual Event -vs- In Person Event

True Hybrid events are the future. A successful event must include consideration of in person events and virtual events. A professional event planner can discuss options and help create the right balance.

Virtual Event Planners

Our online event planners can help you with fun virtual event ideas activities. This is meant to improve relations and familiarization among participants and thus improve communication and productivity.

Virtual Event Ideas for Your Next Online Event

Most event professionals have re-entered virtual events due to the pandemic. Event organizers must use both creativity in their event planning process and industry best practices to maintain their presence. Virtual engagement has been a major struggle with event management companies in the recent years.

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How Can You Host a Successful Virtual Event?

The benefits of face-to-face conversations never disappear, but some occasions are when going digital becomes essential for your event program. How do we turn a conference into an interactive event? What are the best ways of ensuring your audience stays involved during your event? Organizing virtual events requires a similar level of care to organizing a live event in person. Both are essential for the development and success of event marketing plans.

Contact us, we can help with your next amazing virtual event.

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How to Produce a Terrible Online or Virtual Event

OR do the opposite for best virtual events ideas for business, government, nonprofit and other organizations.

1. Do things exactly the same for a virtual event as you did for an in person event.

2. Don’t research available technology for your online event.

3. Don’t implement it in your online event program, and don’t modify your agenda to accommodate the online event reality.

4. Pick virtual event technology that might be ideal for the presenters but difficult to use for participants

5. Don’t consider the technology and background of presenters in the program.

6. Don’t practice with the technology, just wing it.

7. Be afraid to create an entirely new program designed specifically for virtual event ideas.

8. Don’t hire an online event planner experienced with converting a real world event to an online event.

Virtual Events We Produce

A virtual event produced by Make it Happen Events in Harrisburg, PA

Online Presentations, Talks, & Panelists

Many of us have been forced to go online, but sometimes, it’s not just a necessity, sometimes it can be better! Going forward, it’s another great option for reaching and interacting with staff, customers, and the public. From annual virtual conferences and meetings to other online events, we can get you organized.

A virtual event produced by Make it Happen Events in Harrisburg, PA

Live Entertainment & Broadcasts

If your live entertainment broadcast requires a complete video production studio, we’ve got you covered. We’ve partnered with some of the best video technology companies in the area to bring you top-notch technology and resources so you can go all out on your next virtual event.

Online auctions produced by Make it Happen Events in Harrisburg, PA

Online Auctions

Take your auction global and broadcast it live for all virtual audiences. Live, online auctions are great for those who can’t attend in person and opens up more opportunities for bidders than traditional live auctions. Start selling online and have us coordinate the production.

Our Service Areas

Located in Harrisburg, PA, we proudly serve the local community in Central PA and the surrounding areas. Over the years, we’ve built the trust of our community, so you can rest assured your event will go off seamlessly.

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Our virtual holiday party went smoothly!

“Thanks again for your patience with us in planning the virtual holiday party. Everything went smoothly. I was out of town and it was great knowing that it was taken care of.”

Wendy / Law Firm HR Director

The online balloting functioned smoothly!

“Our complicated agenda flowed easily because of your detailed planning and solid execution. The speakers had their moment to shine, and the online balloting functioned smoothly.”

Dave Feidt, Chairman / DCRC

The recorded segments gave each of our sponsors recognition!

“The content was well organized. The recorded segments gave each of our sponsors recognition and the presenters knew what was expected and felt supported.

Wayde Marsico / Executive Director

John and his team supply memorable celebrations!

“John and his team consistently supply the creative ideas, administrative and organizational structure, and passion to create memorial celebrations. Make It Happen Events is our go-to event producing partner.”

Representative Ron Marsico (ret) / Dauphin County Heroes Grove